Multiengineering is a symbol of quality and innovation in Bulgarian industry. With its long-standing experience, beginning back in 2002, the company has managed to establish a stable and resilient brand in the world of mechanical engineering. With its extensive history in designing and manufacturing conveyor belts, Multiengineering demonstrates its ability to adapt and grow in sync with the dynamic market trends.

Over the past two decades, technological innovations and a constant flow of information have transformed the way business operates. Faced with the challenges of the times, Multiengineering not only manages to withstand them but also becomes a true pioneer in the field of engineering. The evolution in the production of specialized machinery and components, combining the latest technologies with engineering solutions, became the company’s hallmark.

The primary sectors the company serves, the food-flavor and light industry, are highly competitive. Nevertheless, thanks to its undeniable expertise, Multiengineering manages to provide the best solutions for its clients. One of the main products deserving special attention are the textile conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts play a key role in every manufacturing process. They ensure the efficient and smooth movement of goods and materials from one point to another. The special textile conveyor belts that Multiengineering offers are distinguished by high durability, long operational life, and exceptional functionality.

Over two decades, Multiengineering has established its position as an authority in the field of textile conveyor belts. We can proudly say that the belts they offer bear the mark of German quality – a guarantee for durability and reliability.

The combination of high-quality products with competitive prices allowed the company to become an undisputed leader in this segment. But that’s not all. Multiengineering understands that every business has its specifics and needs. That’s why they offer a variety of textile belts differing in thickness and working surface.

The conveyor belts are also segmented according to the materials used:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): The preferred material for work due to its high durability and processing flexibility. It is widely used as it can be converted into softer or more flexible belts by adding different agents. This material also has high chemical resistance, including to chlorine, and is resistant to hot water, steam, and UV radiation, making it applicable in various industries. Due to these qualities, PVC is also used for making different types of profiles and guides that assist in product transportation.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU): Known in technical circles as a higher-quality material than PVC. It is wear and microbiological attack resistant, making it extremely reliable for an extended period. TPU also has high plasticity, even at low temperatures, and is stable to most cleaning agents, meeting high sanitary requirements. This material has high resistance to vegetable, animal, and mineral oils and fats, making it extremely rational and preferred for transportation machinery in the food-flavor industry where there are high demands. It is unaffected by temperature differences and high work dynamics.


In addition to providing the highest quality products, Multiengineering has mobile teams of specialists, ready to respond to the need for replacement or repair of conveyor belts. They not only offer bonding and assembly services but are also trained to ensure the smooth operation of the new belt in your manufacturing process.

One of Multiengineering’s greatest values over the years is their ongoing commitment to diversity and innovation. Over the years, the company has enriched its product catalog, continually developing and implementing new solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the industry.

If you are looking for quality, efficiency, and durability in the field of textile conveyor belts, look no further – Multiengineering is your partner! Automate and optimize your activity by trusting the experts. To learn more about the company’s offerings and services, do not hesitate to contact us. We promise you will be satisfied!