Production of conveyors and elevators

Multiengineering Ltd. produce conveyors and elevators with length and width according to the technology and customer demand.

Conveyor types:

  • Belt conveyor

  • Roller conveyor

  • Chain conveyor

  • Conveyor with modular belt

  • Conveyor turning sections for changing direction

  • Metal belt conveyor


  • Safe and convenient transportation of products / bulk and packages /, over significant distances;

  • Higher productivity performance

  • Less production costs

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Multiengineering offers complete design and structure of conveyors in accordance with the client’s production needs and demand. In line with the order’s specifics, the conveyors are made both on a modular principle or manufactured and operated as completely automatic systems.

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Manufacturing varieties of Conveyors are multiple:

  • Manufacturing of the load-bearing structures from stainless-steel or powder-coated steel.

  • Providing side adjustable barriers according to the specifics of the transported load.

  • Built-in control panel with frequency adjustment for higher flexibility in controlling the conveyor belt speed.

  • Possibility to adjust the speed ± 20% of the nominal rotation speed.

  • Installation of stationary legs with installation of adjustable heels or wheels for mobility.


Conveyors might be horizontal or vertical, inclined or Z-shaped, and driven by electric geared motor(s) or servo drive(s).

The belts used in the manufacturing of the conveyors are of German quality, suitable for the food industry, as well as for other types of production. They are available in different thicknesses of the canvas and working top from the following materials: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).

The standard turning belt conveyor is available for 90 degrees or 180 degrees. The belt is certified for application in the food industry. It can be arranged with a hard cleaning knife or cylindrical rollers of Ø18 mm for smooth transition of the product to the next transport.

Photos from our projects for conveyors

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