There are various ways to engrave objects, however lasers have established themselves as the most reliable, effective and cost-efficient method on the market. Modern lasers guarantee a better result than traditional engraving methods, which makes them indispensable in many industries around the world.

Multiengineering offers the service of laser engraving of objects made of different materials – metal, plastic, glass, and more.

To provide our customers with the best ratio between price, quality, and efficiency, we use modern equipment, produced by proven manufacturers with solid experience in the field.

Laser engraving does not damage the coating of engraved objects and details. Precision lasers make it possible to engrave even the smallest details with extreme precision.



  • Contactless method

  • High efficiency

  • Quality output

  • Safety

  • Wide application

  • Exceptional precision

  • Applicable for various materials

  • Short deadlines for implementation

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Multiengineering deals with the design and manufacturing of non-standard equipment in the light and food industries.  
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