Multiengineering is operational in the field of mechanical engineering since 2002. Das Geschäft begann with the design and manufacturing of conveyor belts, conveyors, and complex conveyor systems of steel and stainless-steel. Gradually, the production scope expanded with the design and manufacturing of specialized machines and parts. A priority is the production of non-standard equipment, and the main market sector – the food and light industry.


Multiengineering is a well-known company in the industry. Its technical base meets the highest modern requirements. The company has everything necessary for maintenance, service, and repair of transport systems. The teams of highly qualified engineers and technicians have all the necessary tools and instruments for installation, adjustment, and repair of the facilities we maintain. Multiengineering also guarantees immediate intervention in case of a problem, thanks to its well-trained specialists, ready to react round the clock.


The price of success is our tireless work to gain knowledge and experience, to create an own style and good image. Professionalism, correctness, precision, loyalty promote Multiengineering as a preferred partner.


Multiengineering produces belt conveyors with metal belts. The company offers service and repair. This direction of activity is developing since 2007. For the short time in which Multiengineering is active in this field, the company stands out with an ever higher quality of the services offered and a successful cooperation with foreign partners. A guarantee for this is the growing number of satisfied domestic and foreign customers.

The 4S system (Toyota Road)

Toyota’s philosophy in the automotive industry includes management principles to optimize production and properly organize the activities of each company, regardless of its size and subject of production.

The principles that underlie some of the largest companies in the world put in the first place the effectiveness of management methods based on strict organization and maximum use of the potential and creativity of each employee.

The system, created and promoted by the founders of Toyota, is driven by the clear goals set for the specific business.

We, Multiengineering Ltd. follow since 2007 the steps of the leaders in mechanical engineering, optimizing our work process and storage system in accordance with the 4S method, developed by Toyota.