Aluminum profiles and connecting elements from Multiengineering

Multiengineering is the official representative of the German company Paletti Profilsysteme Ltd., for aluminum structural profiles and fasteners.

Aluminum profiles from Paletti, Germany are characterized by high quality workmanship and great variety. They are standard components for construction of machines, transport systems, roller conveyors, safety fences, workplaces, linear modules with and without drive, furnishing of working premises, special solutions.

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Beauty is simple

Due to its lightness, strength and applicability on various types of coatings, aluminum has become one of the most used materials for the production of profiles, which are used in the construction, interior and construction of any aluminum products. The aluminum profiles of Paletti, Germany are suitable for both external and internal corners.

Due to its specific characteristics, the aluminum profile is applicable on any type of surface. Its flexibility allows its wide applicability both at home and in the office, and also production activities.


Structural aluminum profiles


Profile 40х40mm. – STANDART


Profile 40х40mm. – SEMI


Profile 40х40mm. – LIGHT


Profile 40х40mm.. – DOUBLE BRIDGE


Profile 30х30mm.

Profile 30х30mm.


Profile 30х60mm.


Profile 80х80mm.


Profile 30х60mm.


Profile 20х40mm.

Advantages when using aluminum profiles


Wherever precision and high load capacity are required, our products find application. A comprehensive program of automation components, modules and systems is available.

Multiengineering offers the production and construction of various types of structures from aluminum profiles, at the customer’s request, as well as cutting profiles to customer-specified sizes.

Through this link you can see a wide range of profiles with different sizes and purposes, connecting elements, connecting parts and accessories for them: