Sheet processing with press brake and guillotine

DURMA E 30160 – Digitally controlled hydraulic press brake


Bending of sheet metal


  • Pressure up to 160 tons per 3000 mm length

DURMA S B3010 NT – Digitally controlled guillotine


Sheet metal cutting


  • Black steel up to 10 mm thick and 3000 mm long

  • Stainless steel up to 5 mm thick and 3000 mm long

DURMA AD-R 2060 – Digitally controlled guillotine

Bending of sheet metal


  • Folding force – 60 t

  • Folding length – 2050 mm

3-shaft sheet bending machine with electric drive BENDMAK CYL 2608


Multiengineering offers quality bending and cutting of sheet metal.

  • The hydraulic press brake – DURMA E 30160 guarantees precise sheet bending with a pressure of up to 160 t per 3000 mm length.

  • The digitally controlled guillotine – DURMA S B3010 NT savingly cuts even stainless-steel parts up to 3000 mm long.

Time can be saved by assigning a combined service for bending and cutting sheet metal material to Multiengineering or by selecting one of the two. The projects are implemented in time and according to a drawing provided by the client. In the absence of such drawing, the Engineering team can help with the making of details, drawings, or 3D model of the product.

The material needed for the execution of the order can be provided either by the client or by Multiengineering.

Bending of sheet metal with hydraulic press brake

The digitally controlled hydraulic press brake DURMA E 30160 manufactures even the most complex part with exceptional precision by repeatedly bending sheet material according to a pre-set scheme.

DURMA E 30160 is a new generation machine, which is preferred for bending sheet metal because of its precise system of operation and is needed as an alternative to welding individual elements.



Advantages of the digitally controlled hydraulic press brake DURMA E 30160 for sheet metal bending:


  • Precision and compprehensiveness in the processing of sheet material;

  • There is no need to weld the individual elements;

  • Allows precise production of various models;

  • Accurate programming of the bending angle;

Cutting sheet metal with a guillotine

Guillotine cutting is economical, and the digitally controlled machine DURMA S B3010 NT can cut even stainless-steel up to 10 mm wide and up to 3000 mm long. The cutting of the sheet material is accurate to the millimeter due to the technical parameters of the digitally controlled guillotine.

Thanks to its innovative technology, the guillotine can carry out assignments for both cutting and shape cutting of sheet metal.


Advantages of the digitally controlled guillotine DURMA S B3010 NT for sheet metal cutting:


  • Opportunity for economical arrangement of details

  • Fast sheet metal processing

  • Accurate production of specific elements

  • Specially reinforced hardened steel knife for cutting with absolute precision

рязане на ламарина с гилотина