Laser cutting of sheet material – Laser machine “Trumpf TC L3030, 2.6 kW laser power. Opportunity to cut:

• Sheet metal with a maximum size of 3000x1500mm.
• Stainless-steel plate 10 mm thick.
• Iron plate up to 15 mm thick.
• Aluminum plate up to 6 mm thick.
The company Multiengineering performs laser cutting with extremely high accuracy and guaranteed quality, regardless of the complexity of the preset contour. This is feasible with the modern German machine of new generation from the leading manufacturer Trumpf. It is suitable for high-precision laser cutting of the following production materials:
• Sheet metal with size up to 3000x1500mm;
• Stainless-steel plate 10 mm thick;

• Iron plate up to 15 mm thick;
• Aluminum plate up to 6 mm thick.
For questions related to laser cutting:, GSM: 0895 77 59 04.