Project Description

Sopharma Trading AD – Automatic system for disposal of emptied packaging boxes

The system is reversible with automatic operation and is equipped with three control terminals with a touch display. Hydraulic lifts are completely fenced to prevent access to them for safety. The line is 40 m long and carries a pallet of products between the two terminals.

It consists of:

Receiving roller conveyor for loading and unloading of a pallet with a product in Terminal 1 of the warehouse.

Roller conveyor with hydraulic lift with a lifting height of 5 meters. Roller conveyor with a length of 30 meters for connection between the two hoists, equipped with sensors for position and pallet counting.

Hydraulic hoist with roller turntable.

Roller conveyor for moving a pallet by means of a pallet truck on the second level of the warehouse at Terminal 2 and an automatic safety door to restrict access to the hoist.

Roller conveyor for loading and unloading of pallets on the first level of the warehouse at Terminal2.