Innovations and Strategies in Bulgarian Machine Engineering

Since its establishment in 2002, Multiengineering has distinguished itself with its unceasing pursuit of innovation and strategic development, inspired by established leaders in the industry. The company, which has established itself as an authority in Bulgarian machine engineering, is known for its professionalism in the production of various transport systems, specialized machinery and components, and non-standard technological equipment. Its metalworking services, such as laser cutting, guillotine cutting, and bending, complement the firm’s activities, making it a preferred choice in the food and light industries.

The professionalism Multiengineering invests in each of its endeavors is the key to its success. With its technical base located in Sofia, the company prides itself on its modern technological installations and efficient production processes. Its highly qualified engineers and technicians not only respond promptly to all technical challenges but also constantly seek ways to improve and innovate in their work.

Particularly significant is the company’s approach to management and organization of the work process, inspired by the legendary “Toyota Way“. This management philosophy, applied by the global leader in automobile manufacturing, has been adopted and adapted by Multiengineering, aiming to optimize production and efficiency in every aspect of the company’s operations. The “Toyota Way” unites a series of management principles that emphasize the importance of long-term strategy, continuous improvement, investment in personnel, and solving fundamental problems for sustainable company growth.

We will now examine how the “Toyota Way” has been adapted by Multiengineering and how this approach has transformed the company into a modern, progressive leader in the Bulgarian industry.

Japanese Principles in Bulgarian Manufacturing

Since 2007, Multiengineering has consistently introduced the management principles of Toyota, aimed at optimizing production and organizing the company’s activities in an innovative and effective way. This management philosophy, known as the “Toyota Way,” focuses on long-term planning, solving fundamental problems, and continuous self-improvement.

Application of the 14 Management Principles of Toyota by Multiengineering:

  1. Long-Term Philosophy:

    All managerial decisions at Multiengineering are made with a focus on the long-term strategy and goals, regardless of short-term financial results.

  2. Continuous Flow:

    Organizing the production process to visualize problems and eliminate inefficient practices.

  3. Avoiding Overproduction:

    A methodology for balancing the production process to prevent overproduction and its losses.

  4. Even Workload::

    Multiengineering maintains a sustainable and even workload, avoiding overburdening personnel and equipment.

  5. Problem-Solving Culture:

    Creating a work environment where every employee can identify and address problems in the production process.

  6. Standardized Tasks:

    Establishing clear standards and procedures that promote continuous improvement and employee participation.

  7. Visual Controls:

    Using standard visual means of control to prevent hidden problems in the work process.

  8. Reliable Technology:

    Multiengineering applies only proven and reliable technology that matches the needs of the workers and the production process.

  9. Leadership:

    Training and developing leaders who deeply understand the work, the company’s philosophy, and can convey it to their subordinates.

  10. Work Environment:

    Creating an environment where teams share and follow the company’s philosophy, contributing to collective success.

  11. Partnerships:

    Developing respectful and long-lasting relationships with suppliers and partners that contribute to mutual success.

  12. Solving Fundamental Problems:

    Continuously solving fundamental problems and encouraging self-learning within the company.

  13. Careful Decision Making:

    Deeply considering and carefully planning before making important managerial decisions.

  14. Continuous Improvement:

    Multiengineering’s commitment to continuous self-improvement through reflection.


These principles of Toyota have been adapted and integrated into Multiengineering’s work process, contributing to achieving high productivity, efficiency, and an innovative approach in every company endeavor.

The Path to Success: Join Us

At Multiengineering, we strive not only for technological achievements but also for building a strong and dynamic team culture. Our ultimate goal is to create a community of satisfied customers and achieve sustainable business growth. In this mission, our employees – engineers, technicians, mechanics, installers, and locksmiths – play a crucial role as the heart of our organization.

Career at Multiengineering:

  • Development Opportunities:

    Multiengineering offers exciting career opportunities for specialists with varying levels of experience – from beginners to experienced engineers and technicians.

  • Training and Realization:

    We believe in the potential of each of our employees and offer comprehensive training and support to develop their skills and knowledge.

  • Team Environment:

    Working at Multiengineering means a rapidly evolving, innovative, and supportive work environment where everyone is a valued team member.

  • Securing the Future:

    We promise our employees not just a job, but an opportunity for long-term professional development and growth within the company.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

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To get on board, please contact us through our contact form or at phone: +359 88 4924272. We offer you the opportunity to join Multiengineering on the “Toyota Way,” where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and innovation.